What about India?

Allt fler vill utforska Kina
15 November, 2018
Ska vi blunda för det vi inte vill se?
16 January, 2019

What about India?

When we were about to set the name for this programme, we had many ideas in mind. Should we have Sweden in the name? But what if we open for Nordics, Europe or going global? Should we really have China in the name? What about India?

We ended up with Explore China, with the alignment that China is where its happening now, and this can change – and if so, a new programme with the name Explore India could be it.

Because this programme is not about exploring the country China. It’s about exploring what’s happening there in terms of innovation, growth, scale-ups, startups and culture change. It’s about a mindset that we saw among our Chinese counterparts, that we didn’t see among our friends or companies back home in Sweden.

During the past year, we have travelled back and forth between China and Sweden to build the bridge that we have missed. Hundreds of Swedes, representing big companies, governments and top universities, has met world-leading companies, entrepreneurs and experts on the Chinese market with the aim to understand Chinese speed and the ecosystem-mindset.

It’s hard to pin down in just a few sentences what mindset we are talking about. It’s ingredients that when they come together to create the next Tobii, Spotify or Klarna. It’s a “just do it” mindset. A “fuck it let’s try” mindset. A “if we fail we try again” mindset. It’s a “let’s think bigger” mindset. A “what if we do like this” mindset. It’s a “this idea is totally out of our scope, let’s do it” mindset. I believe this is what I was told was called “to think about the box” mindset – and I haven’t seen it in Sweden in a while.

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