Global Talents of 2019

More than 1000 applied.
1. Carl-Oscar

Carl-Oscar Westerlund

Carl-Oscar is just about to graduate from Lund University before starting a Corporate Social Responsibility-Internship at the Swedish Embassy in Lima later this fall. Always thriving in international environments and having experience from a previous CSR-project at IKEA, he is thrilled about the opportunity to further influence Swedish companies to improve their social and environmental impact when operating abroad. In the future he aspires to work in an international corporate environment, applying CSR-methods in practice.
2. Sarangua Tsogtoo

Sarangua Tsogtoo

Sarangua is a global nomad from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; today situated in Stockholm, Sweden. She has a passion for lifelong learning and is currently studying Retail Management, Entrepreneurship, and Web Development at the Stockholm School of Economics. She is a tech-savvy full stack developer brimming with interest in e-commerce, tech, and innovation. Described as a detail-oriented active time manager with a do-er mindset, flexible team player, and mindful colleague from previous employers in fine fragrance, customer service, and agile project management.
3. Moa Ribber

Moa Ribjer

Moa studies a bachelor in Business Development and Entrepreneurship at the Chalmers University of Technology. Her great interest in leadership grew during her years as an elite athlete in synchronized skating. Representing Sweden in the World Championships three times got her placed 10thas top. Her strong passion led to the current spot as President for the Student Unit, who connect students to employers. Aside school she is a board member of the non-profit organisation Förebildarna – where she is very involved in spreading knowledge about social entrepreneurship and role models, mainly towards young people who need motivation.

5. Sofie Eriksson

Sofie Eriksson

Sofie is studying her last year at Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). With her passion for entrepreneurship and the food industry, she is currently exploring 'food of the future' at the incubator of a well-known actor in within food production. This is a starting-point for pursuing a career where innovation is a central component, while at the same contribute to positive sustainable development for society and people. During her studies, Sofie has been engaged in numerous extracurricular activities at SSE. She was the Project Leader for one of the largest entrepreneurial projects and most recently she held the position as board members of SASSE, one of Scandinavia’s most active student associations.
6. Erik Sandström

Erik Sandström

Erik, MSc in Engineering Physics from Lund University, calls himself a slow thinker, but when he thinks, he likes to do it thoroughly. He also finds it extremely fascinating that we can learn about the world by collecting data from it. The combination of these things led him to an obsession for computer vision and mathematical modelling. He describes it as being "with simultaneous excitement and horror" that in September, he is going to embark on a PhD at ETH in Zürich. Wish him luck! And don't hesitate to reach out to him if you are interested in solving hard problems.
7. Johanna Elming

Johanna Elming

Johanna has a Bachelor’s degree in Business & Economics and is now enrolled in the Master program of International Business and CEMS MiM. She will spend fall 2020 at HKUST in Hong Kong. She started learning Mandarin in 8th grade, ever since China has been her dream for future endeavours in her life and career. The Chinese culture and innovation inspire her and she wants to be there when the future is shaped. She has both worked and studied in Shanghai, Singapore and New York. In High School, she won 'UF Company of the year'. Since then she runs her own company working as a Marketing Consultant.
9. Astrid Hettinger

Astrid Hettinger

Astrid is just done with her Master’s in IT-management and Informatics from Linköping University. With a passion for technology and the drive to create an equal workplace, She started the first women association for informatics students and has also been president for DataTjej. Her motto is that every individual should be seen by their potential and knowledge, not gender. She has studied in Canada and Hong Kong - she loves to explore new countries and cultures. Astrid wants to bring her knowledge and experience from innovative Hong Kong to Sweden, especially within her favourite topic, E-commerce. Astrid is a member of Nova.

10. Sofie Bergdahl

Sofie Bergdahl

Sofie is currently working as a Project Leader at a fast-growing tech company in Sweden. In her late academia career, she had the great opportunity to work as the CEO at one of the Nordic countries’ largest student consulting firms, Lunicore. Her foremost competencies and great interests in her career are in the field of leadership, organisation, business strategy and customer success – and she is very much looking forward to continuing her development within those fields throughout her following career.
11. Tilda Lundgren

Tilda Lundgren

Tilda is just about to graduate from KTH Royal Institute of Technology where she studies Industrial Engineering and Management, specializing in mathematics. She is passionate about data analytics, and perhaps most of all, how to make it intelligible for a broader audience. She believes we’re yet to see the full potential of the data revolution, and also that this yet-to-be-realized growth won’t be neutral. That’s why she sees it as an integral part of the engineer’s role in society to steer innovation into a direction that’s both sustainable and inclusive.
12. Lovisa Svensson

Lovisa Svensson

Lovisa is a tech enthusiast with a big heart for people, start-ups, entrepreneurship and new innovations. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business, with a major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from Lund University. Lovisa is curious, and she loves to learn and explore new things. She has worked and studied several periods abroad, mainly in China and the US, and she has been working as CEO for a tech start-up company. She is now pursuing a master’s degree in computer and system sciences. Lovisa is involved in DataTjej as head of business relations where she is encouraging girls to become techies. Lovisa is a member of Nova.
13. Matilda Andersson

Matilda Andersson

Matilda is currently studying Computer Science at Lund University. Her curiosity, perseverance and determination have allowed her to launch a successful international modelling career, run her own social media influencer brand, build a nationwide organization and being rewarded with multiple entrepreneurial prices and rewards. Currently, she is a Board Member at both Färsking, a start-up that takes up the fight against young people's ill health, and Pink Programming, a national non-profit organization that each year teaches thousands of women how to code.

14. Paulina

Paulina Sawicki

Paulina is studying her last semester of Industrial Engineering and Management. She is passionate about business development and international relations, which among many things has led her to be the president and board member of a non-profit global organization that exchanges thousands of student internships each year. She has also studied in the US and lived in Canada. She has experienced ups and downs with the entrepreneurial world, mainly by working as a consultant in India and through her role as Marketing Manager at a startup. Paulina is a member of Nova Talent Network.
15. Sten Li

Sten Li

Sten Li is a recent graduate from the Chalmers University of Technology. After receiving an M. Sc. degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Design as well as an M. Eng. degree in Mechanical Engineering, Sten has been working as the Vice President of Chalmers Student Union for the past year. His driving force is personal development and to, in connection with that, both challenge and be challenged. Entrepreneurship is a key word in his life and he is especially passionate about value creation through business development. Sten is a member of Nova Talent Network.
16. Soner Vergon

Soner Vergon

Soner is finishing his third year at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, studying vehicle engineering. Although his studies have nothing to do with programming, he has a passion for development, especially on the web. With this passion, besides running his own business and working at Mentimeter, he engages in different non-profit organisations where he gets to develop new skills. He believes that everything is about learning new things, experiencing and being curious whether it is within music, movies, food, tech or anything.
8. Gustaf Harvardsson

Gustaf Halvardsson

Gustaf are a Engineering student best described by his curiosity for new areas and technologies. He started his own IT-consulting company at the age of sixteen, where most of his clients are technology start-ups. The pacing, agility, and conquer-the-world-mindset within the start-up culture really suit how he likes to work. He chose his field of study to be deeply technology-based because he wants to truly understand the underlying technology, that a business model might be entirely dependent on.

17. Anton Lindegren

Anton Lindegren

Anton is a first-year masters student at the Management and Economics of Innovation program at Chalmers University of Technology. His speciality is developing and testing new ideas. On his spare time, he has created Sweden’s biggest outdoor cinema event, held during the summers in Slottsskogen, Gothenburg. He is looking for opportunities to develop more things together with creative people, and if you think we would be a good match he’d love to hear from you.
19. Alfred Wahlfross

Alfred Wahlfors

Alfred is a student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He works at a VC fund and has a huge passion for startups - especially those that use technology to improve the state of the world. Aside from his studies, has also a Machine Learning Scientist at a KTH Research Project which diagnoses dementia at scale with NLP.
18. Harald Johansson

Harald Johansson

Harald is an Interdisciplinary Biotechnology and Business student from KTH Royal Institute of Technology & Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). He is currently Sales & Marketing Executive at Biofiber Tech Sweden, offering a patented technology to substitute and replace rigid fossil-based plastics with modified biomaterial. Located in Stockholm at Europes biggest hub for impact technology. Contributes to a high-pace entrepreneurial climate with a digital workflow. Long-term ambition to initiate, accelerate and develop sustainable technology-businesses with the potential to scale globally.
Clara Sjögren

Clara Sjögren

Clara is doing her third year of the Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics at Lulea University of Technology. She strives to never hold back and has an eager to learn, which led to the launch of her own company, Femmencourage. Her idea is to interview and highlight driven women in business. After graduation she wants to work with business development, consulting or project management. Furthermore, she has studied Chinese for six months in Shanghai and has also been the Head of Marketing for the association at her University.
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