Participants of 2018


Emilia Ishak

Emilia is in her third semester of the Bachelor's programme in Business and Economics at Stockholm Business School and studied at Fudan University in Shanghai on a Chinese Government Scholarship last year. Knowing Chinese, English and Swedish she has developed a persistent desire to understand the Chinese market and the opportunities in China through different exposures and perspectives. Parallel to her studies, she is the Vice President of the Business Association and Head of Education at the Business Association at Stockholm University. Out of 777 applicants, Emilia was one of sixteen who participated in Explore China 2018.

Axel Ingo

Axel is studying his Master in Industrial Management and engineering Aerospace at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He has a passion for organisational development and entrepreneurship, especially in terms of product development, marketing and scaling. He has spent a large portion of his time as a student engaged in extracurricular activities, most recently as the Project Manager of 270 people project. His personal goal of the year is to learn ReactJS and besides that, he has a sole addiction; kitesurfing.
Axel is a member of Nova Talent Network.

Hannes Forssberg Malm

Hannes is a student at the University of Gothenburg where he is pursuing a Master of Laws and a master’s degree in Business Creation & Entrepreneurship in Biomedicine with a major in Intellectual Capital Management. Besides his education, he works as Vice President of Customer Solutions at Richardson Oliver Insights, a Silicon Valley startup providing data and insights on the patent market. Previously, Hannes has worked on various IP and business strategy projects as an intern in Silicon Valley. Hannes is a member of Nova Talent Network.

Elias Sjölander

Elias has a degree in Corporate Finance from Lund University. Besides his studies, he founded a company; Creative Communications Sweden, focusing on marketing affiliation. At the same time, he started a non-profitable organisation, educating elderly people in basic technology. He is an enthusiastic traveller and has been on exchange both to the US and Canada. He is very curious and forward-thinking, like out of the normal. He inquires a lot from people he meets and prefers learning by doing. Elias just returned back from Washington after doing a six months internship as a Congressional Intern at the House of Representatives. Out of 777 applicants, Elias was one of sixteen who participated in Explore China 2018.

Emma Mustala

Emma is currently doing her Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Business Design at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. She is rounded with organisational and financial experience through several stints at Nordea bank and some in politics. Hailing from nearby Helsinki, she has lived in both Brussels and St. Petersburg before moving to Gothenburg. She has co-founded a local Women in Tech chapter in Gothenburg and she lights up at the prospect of expanding your mind and increasing your knowledge, be it through travel, books or conversation. Emma is a member of Nova Talent Network.

Felix Wideroth

Felix is a law student at Uppsala University. He is passionate about leadership and organisational- and personal development. At the age of two, he started to practice Alpine skiing, in which he became an elite competitive skier until the age of 18. That was when he started his first company, focusing on event organising as well as physical and mental training. Today, on the side of his studies, he is a part of the student union and runs his own consulting company - Olivix AB - where he helps companies developing their business. He believes that diversity makes us, and our community and society, stronger. Felix is a member of Nova Talent Network.

Isabella Holmberg

Isabella is studying her fourth year on Master of Science Industrial Engineering and Management at Luleå University of Technology. She believes that new ideas are generated from the exchange of experiences and knowledge that occurs when different generations and cultures meet. That is why she applied to Explore China. She is an ambassador for Nova Talent network, she is in the resource pool of Scandinavian Academy of Industrial engineering and management (ScAIEM), and this year she is one of 24 participants in Value-Based Leadership, an advanced leadership training program for young leaders sponsored by H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf’s Foundation for Young Leadership. Isabella is a member of Nova Talent Network.

Jonathan Lannö

Jonathan is currently doing his third year as an M.Sc. student in Industrial Engineering and Management at Karlstad University. Besides studying, he also works as a Project Manager at a startup that he has been part of starting - called Bzzt AB. Bzzt drives three-wheeled electric taxi pods in Stockholm’s inner city. Bzzt has been mentioned in both World Economic Forum and New York times and they can proudly say that they have created job opportunities for almost 80 people in Stockholm so far and more than 75 000 people have travelled with Bzzt during the first year. Out of 777 applicants, Jonathan was one of sixteen who participated in Explore China 2018.


Lisa Larsson

Lisa has recently graduated from Jönköping University with a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration. She is eager to start her career, and she has her set on the Chinese market. She is curious and constantly chasing new challenges, which more than often have had her ended up in places and situations way beyond her comfort zone. She won the Swedish national championship in Taekwondo, not once - three times. She has studied international marketing at universities in China, Australia, and Sweden and it is in marketing she has her true passion.

Mikael Holmgren

Mikael studying Bachelor Programme (B.Sc) in Business and Economics at Uppsala University. At the year of 21, he had an idea of creating a collaboration between two Swedish tech companies; world leading software for streaming music and a company for premium headphones. That took him to London, and even though the idea did not reach the finish line at that time, he learned to trust his intention. Today he is the Vice President of the Business Committee at his student union and every other week he organizes workshops on topics such as; stress, idea creation and project management. Mikael is a member of Nova Talent Network.

Melissa Eklund

Melissa is a postgraduate student in Sociotechnical Systems Engineering at Uppsala University. Her goals with her studies are to contribute to a positive social development where technology creates opportunities for companies, society and its citizens. She is working hard on inspiring young girls and women to pursue an education in technology and engineering. More specifically, together with one of the worlds largest consulting firms, she has developed a mentoring program for female engineering students at Uppsala University that has resulted in empowering young women in the technology field.

Matilda Söderholm

Matilda is doing her study Information Technology, M.Sc. in Engineering at Linköping University. She is a hardworking student in the field of computer science and during the third year of her studies, she was a board member and head of corporate relations of the women’s association for computer science students; where her contribution led to boost womens in her field. She is the person who take things to the next level and forward. She is never afraid to ask the first question and always wanting to explore the unknown. Matilda is a member of Nova Talent Network.


Olivia Ekmark

Olivia studies Business and Economics at Stockholm University and has a huge passion for entrepreneurship. At the age of 19, she started a catering business in Stockholm which later on led her to start up several health cafés in London and Los Angeles. After letting go of the catering field she was recruited as the head of marketing for a global printing company, located in Berlin, before going back to school. On the side of her studies, Olivia does inspirational talks and seminars for Venture Cup, a Swedish company organising start-up competitions for entrepreneurs. Aside from work and studies, she spends many hours composing music, sailing and brewing beer. Olivia is a member of Nova Talent Network.

Tim Prellwitz

Tim is in his last semester for his Master of Laws at Umeå University. He has a burning passion for entrepreneurship and innovation and he today runs two companies a side of his studies. His dream is to create or to work for the next big Swedish company. Due to his curiosity and thirst for exploring and attaining new knowledge he has worked both in the US and in Hong Kong as well as travelled to most parts of the world. He has a great interest in the development of the Chinese market and the opportunities it provides. He currently works at the Ministry for foreign affairs and is therefore also interested in international relations, law and regulations. Tim is a member of Nova Talent Network.

Sandra Hernvall

Sandra is studying finance at the School of Business, Economics and Law by the University of Gothenburg. She has a passion for business development and growth which led her to be CEO of the student-run management consulting firm HandelsConsulting, and gain insights about how tech influences firms across all industries through her internship at Gartner. After multiple trips to Asia she spent six months in Singapore on the exchange last fall, confirming her interest in learning more about business growth in Asia. After the summer, she will start her new position as a management consultant at McKinsey & Co.
Sandra is a member of Nova Talent Network.

Pojan Shahrivar

Pojan is about to finish his fourth year at KTH where he is getting a masters degree in computer science. Last year, he visited China and got amazed by the Chinese tech companies that have built applications that surpass the ability of the likes of Facebook and Uber. He never let an opportunity go and always strive to go out of his comfort zone. In the upcoming summer, he will do an internship as a Software Engineer at Amazon in Scotland. Previous years he has done things like implemented model-based testing at the Nasdaq clearing house; shortening the time to write tests for the API from up to weeks down to a few minutes and during the summer of 2016, he worked as a Project leader at Eriksson. .
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