1What is Explore China?
Explore China is an initiative to share knowledge and tools to young top-talents that we believe are needed to succeed as a global leader and to stay competitive on a global market.
2What is your mission?
Our mission is to inspire the next generation of talents to think and act globally. By giving them knowledge, tools and methods to stay competitive.
3Why China?
China is today a leading market in many areas, and by 2025, 250 million middle-class families in China will be ready to consume products and services provided. It is not to understate that all global change today is taking place in Asia, and more spcificlly - in China, and the ability to connect to the Chinese society and to truly understand how to take the opportunities that the future will bring will determine success. We believe that most Swedes, along with people in the western world, have limited knowledge about China. A lot of people don’t pay attention to China, because in their minds, China is still the China of the past, the factory of the world, and a copycat. What they don’t realize is that the tides have already turned. Key innovations of today, such as dock-less bikes, high-speed railway, mobile payments, and e-commerce, are either started in China or perfected in China and then adopted by the rest of the world. The solution starts with awareness.

4What is the connection to OnePlus?
This programme was initiated by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei. Carl grew up in Sweden and during his years as a student he asked his teachers to talk about China, they never did. He is, along with many others, frustrated about the lack of knowledge when it comes to things that are happening in China right now - this is why he decided to initiate this. The Explore China Programme 2018 was fully founded by OnePlus.
5What will the programme 2019 be like?
In short; for the programme of 2019, we didn't find enough financial partners that shared our vision, mission and values - and because of that; we could not ensure the standard we wanted for the programme to prolong. Therefore, the trip of 2019 is put on hold. We will continue to work towards our mission in other ways. When we have found a new way to cover the expenses for a trip, we will offer spots to the students mentioned on Global talents of 2019 - they all passed the process of 2019. Based on feedback from the participants and partners of 2018, we will do small adjustments - but the next programme will be very much like the one we did in 2018. We will add a stop in Hong Kong, and build an even stronger connection to the private sector in Sweden that we hope will lead to a really good win-win where the students' knowledge, drive and perspective will benefit even more in Swedish business eco-system.
6What was required to catch one of the spots?
You have to be a full-time student at a Swedish University and you have to have the eager to learn more about innovation and entrepreneurship in China.
7How many applied to Explore China 2019?
1000+ applications were sent in during the application process 2019. The applicants came from all universities in Sweden, were Lund University had most applicants. Slightly more female students than male students applied and Industrial Engineering and Management was the most common field of study.
8Why only Swedish students?
Sweden is a country well known for its many successful entrepreneurs who historically have built large global companies; like Volvo, IKEA, HM, AstraZeneca, Spotify and Skype. This initiative comes from a frustration started when Carl Pei was a student in Sweden. He foresees that if this continues, Sweden will soon no longer be the home for world-leading companies of the future. That’s why we started with Swedish students. But who knows, next year, it could be different.
9Do you have to be a full-time student in Sweden to apply?
Yes, we have limited the spots to students studying full-time at Swedish Universities. Next year, it could be different. We are open-minded!
10What if Im graduate this spring? Can I still apply?
Yes, as long as you are a full-time student during the time of the application process, you are more than welcome to apply!
11How do you choose the participants?
We have partnered up with Nova, a top talent network in Sweden. They have years of experience in measuring data to assess candidates. With their help, we will identify the best and brightest who also share our passion and interest. We aim to create a diverse group - the participants will come from different universities, have different experiences, be of varying age, gender and have different special skills.
12What does the two weeks include?
The programme include;
- Visits to Swedish companies who today aggressively expand on the Chinese market
- Company visits to Chinese companies who have taken lead in innovation and smart solutions
- Inspirational talks and knowledge sharing from local entrepreneurs
- Workshops connected to self-leadership that helps the students to gain confidence and understanding of their own strengths and how they can contribute as global talents
13What does success looks like?
We know that we have succeeded if the students that have joined this programme feel curious and inspired to continue developing towards a global market.

After participation, the students will;
- Know more about companies that are active on the Chinese market
- Know more about the challenges that entrepreneurs are facing in China
- Have a better understanding of what they individually need to develop to become employable on a global market

After participation, the students will;
- Feel curious and inspired to continue developing towards a global market
- Feel inspired to reach or develop their ideas
- Feeling confident enough to take the steps required to evolve towards a global market

After participation, the students will;
- Share their experiences and lessons learned to other students
- Explore opportunities for further development coupled with what they have learned in the programme
14Who are your partners?
For the programme 2018, we partnered up with Nova, SelfLeaders and OnePlus. Nova act as our assessment partner and SelfLeaders are adding leadership and self-reflection tools and methods for our participants to deepen their knowledge and strengthen their leadership skills before, during and after the trip. OnePlus was the only financial partner for 2018, covering all expenses.

The partners of 2019 will be presented as it goes on our Instagram (@goexplorechina)

Do you want to be part of this journey as a partner? Just connect!
15How are you organised?
To make this programme long-lasting, we started a non-profit organisation run by a board elected by the annual meeting. The organisation is named Explore.
The annual meeting decides what Explore will work with the upcoming year. The staff of Explore is responsible for making those decisions into actions.
Carolin He, the co-founder of Explore China, is the Chairman of the Board and we currently have two employees, Josefine Gillver and Therese Olander.
16Where can I find more information about the programme?
You’ll find all practical information you need on our website; www.explorechina.se, read reflections from the participants and get weekly updates by following us on LinkedIn (@Explore China) and get the latest happening straight to your phone by following us on Instagram (@goexplorechina)