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During the past year, companies have reached out asking if we can support others than students who want to explore China. For months, we have tried to find the best way to capture the huge interest and find the most beneficial way to collaborate, that also will benefit students. The solution; a mentorship programme where top talents match with high executives from the private sector. A solution that we believe will bring value both ways.


Explore China Executive

August 27th - September 1st 2019

During a week, you will get a close look at the Chinese ecosystem - focusing on innovation, digital development, business opportunities, culture, landscape and trends.

Explore China Executive consists of four parts;
- a preparatory day in Stockholm in May 2019
- a one-week trip to China
- a two-way mentorship with one of our students, consisting 2-3 sessions
- a wrap-up session in Sweden during autumn 2019