Chinese gigants – the solution to the issues of Swedish post delivery?

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29 August, 2018
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31 August, 2018

Chinese gigants – the solution to the issues of Swedish post delivery?

Why haven’t we, the every day person in Sweden, heard of what’s actually happening on the other side of the world, in China? Why don’t politicians talk about this more often and why don’t we read about it in the everyday Swedish media? When I searched for news about China in the Swedish media and press a couple of days before I left for my trip here, all I found was the same old information, or rather problems, as always. The problem with corruption, the problem with dictatorship, the problem with pollution and so on. However, I found nothing about the fact that Alibaba, one of the ten highest valued companies in the world, has monetary muscles to invest in more or less any business or innovative idea they want, and that they do, every day. They can literally soon make massive changes on the global market in a heart beat, and the every day swede would have had no idea it was coming.

However, I did discover one new topic, “Kinapaketen” (packages from China) which get stuck at Arlanda airport and other delivery places in Sweden and, has become a massive problem. People are basically ordering far more products from China than our post services can handle. In my opinion, “Kinapaketen” is an extra amusing topic since I’ve noticed that we continue to communicate that China is the problem, when the biggest problem really is that the Swedish communication system has failed. Swedish consumers literally screams for access to these products and it is our own post service that fails to handle the latest demand. That is not Alibabas nor China’s fault. If we don’t find ways to embrace these changes now, I honestly can’t wait for Alibaba to come and buy Postnord and solve this issue once and for all. If there is one thing they are experts at, it is logistics. Globalisation is happening, be prepared, embrace it!

Best / Olivia Ekmark

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