A non-profit initiative


We are here to stay!

To make this programme long-lasting, we started a non-profit organisation run by a board elected by the annual meeting. The organisation is named Explore. The annual meeting decides what Explore will work with the upcoming year. The staff of Explore is responsible for making those decisions into actions.


The board 2018 - 2019


Carolin He

Chairman of the Board

Carolin He is co-founder and the Chairman of the Board for Explore.

In April 2017, Carolin He booked a one-way ticket from Stockholm to Shanghai, and since then, she has been based in Shanghai. Today, she is working with expansion for H&M in China.

In 2012, she co-founded Engineers without Borders at Lund University, and in 2015, she was one of the first team-members building up the platform - Just Arrived; enabling newly arrived immigrants to find jobs in Sweden.

Jenna Öhrnberg

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Originally from Helsinki, Finland, Jenna relocated to Beijing in 2009, and has since been living in and out of China.

With a background in marketing and business development, she has worked with Google and in the digital agency world before landing in Shanghai in 2016. Currently Jenna is the Marketing & Communications Executive for IPWS, one of China’s largest platforms for connecting international professional women.

Besides loving China and all things digital, Jenna is passionate about photography, as well as creating beautiful and engaging content. As a freelancer, she has worked with organisations such as National Geographic, Kempinski Hotels, The Finnish Business Council and, of course, Explore China.

Carl Pei

Initiator and Member of the Board

Carl Pei is the initiator and a member of the Board for Explore.

Carl was born in China and grew up in Sweden. He pursued his Bachelor degree of Science in 2008 at the Stockholm School of Economics but dropped out in 2011 to work full-time in the smartphone industry. He moved to Shenzhen, China, and in November 2012, Pei joined Oppo as its International Markets Manager, where he worked directly under Pete Lau. Pei co-founded OnePlus with Pete Lau in December 2013. Their first OnePlus device, the OnePlus One, sold close to a million units in 2014.

Axel Ingo

Participant of Explore China 2018 & Member of the Board

Axel is a Management Consultant Trainee at Acando with a background in Aerospace engineering and Industrial Management from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He has a passion for strategy, organisational development and scaling, and a special interest in the mobility service industry.

He has spent a large portion of his time as a student engaged in extracurricular activities, most recently as the Project Manager of a 270 people project. His personal goal of the year is to learn ReactJS and besides that, he has a sole addiction; kitesurfing. Axel is a member of Nova Talent Network and participated in Explore China 2018.

Emma Mustala

Participant of Explore China 2018 & Member of the Board

Emma has a Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Business Design at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. She is rounded with organisational and financial experience through several stints at Nordea bank and some in politics.

Hailing from nearby Helsinki, she has lived in both Brussels and St. Petersburg before moving to Gothenburg. She has co-founded a local Women in Tech chapter in Gothenburg and she lights up at the prospect of expanding your mind and increasing your knowledge, be it through traveling, books or conversation. Emma is a member of Nova Talent Network and participated in Explore China 2018.

Hannes Fossberg Malm

Participant of Explore China 2018 & Member of the Board

Hannes is the Vice President of Customer Solutions at Richardson Oliver Insights, a Silicon Valley startup providing data and insights on the patent market. He has a Master of Laws and a master’s degree in Business Creation & Entrepreneurship in Biomedicine with a major in Intellectual Capital Management from the University of Gothenburg.

Previously, Hannes has worked on various IP and business strategy projects as an intern in Silicon Valley. Hannes is a member of Nova Talent Network, was a member of IVA student board and a participant of Explore China 2018.

Tim Prellwitz

Participant of Explore China 2018 & Member of the Board

Tim has a Master of Laws at Umeå University. He has a burning passion for entrepreneurship and innovation and besides his studies, he runned two companies which he still maintains.

His dream is to create or to work for the next big Swedish company. Due to his curiosity and thirst for exploring and attaining new knowledge he has worked both in the US and in Hong Kong as well as traveled to most parts of the world. He has a great interest in the development of the Chinese market and the opportunities it provides.

Tim works at the Swedish ministry for foreign affairs and have a huge interest in international relations, law and regulations. Tim is a member of Nova Talent Network and participated in Explore China 2018.