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Why we exist

Sweden is a country well known for its many successful entrepreneurs who historically have built large global companies; like Volvo, IKEA, HM, AstraZeneca, Spotify, and Skype. The last two mentioned started ten years ago.

To remain competitive in a global market, we must understand what is happening in the world - and we believe that to understand the world, we need to understand China.

Most Swedes still see China as the country of copycats; a poor far-distance country that is learning from the West. This is simply not the reality anymore. The world has changed, the tides have already turned. Key innovations of today, such as dock-less bikes, high-speed railway, mobile payments and e-commerce, are either started in China or perfected in China and adopted by the rest of the world.

What is Explore China?

Explore China is an initiative started to give knowledge and tools that we believe are essential for young top-talents to stay competitive on a global market. In 2018, University students from Sweden had the chance to participate in a six months leadership programme, where two weeks were spent in China. During the trip in China, they visited world-leading companies and met local entrepreneurs active on the Chinese market - in Shenzhen, Beijing, and Shanghai.

The aim of the trip was to experience the scale and speed of what is happening in a rapidly changing world and to understand the role that they can play in this context.

The programme was initiated by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, and OnePlus made the programme free of charge.

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To understand the world you have to understand China